Denis Chai Kah Yune  蔡佳甬

Artist Profile

Born in 1974 in the Malaysian state of Kulai, Denis Chai graduated from Kuala Lumpur College of Art, major in Fine Art.



2007 invited to Shanghai to attend teaching observation and arts cultural exchange

2010 invited to attend 2010 Kaohshiung Children’s Art Education Festival

2011 hold first solo art exhibition at Pure Art Studio & Gallery

2012 as Malaysian Junior Art Education Association Vice Chairman

2013 Invited to Hong Kong as the judges of "2013 International Year of The Water Cooperation Art & Design International Competition”, which organized by Po Leung Kuk Hong Kong.

2014 hold a second solo art exhibition at Chong Hwa High School, Kluang, Johor and White box map, Publika, Kuala Lumpur.

2015 Nostalgia Watercolour 5 Men Group Exhibition, Malaysia

2015 Affordable Art Fair Singapore

2015 Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong

2015 China Qingdao Youth Watercolour Artists International Exhibition 2015

2015 J.B.: Jubilee & Beyond – group exhibition, Y2ARTS, Singapore


The Complexity of Remembrance

Denis is one of the few painters that I am drawn towards who truly understands the formal gesture of painting and pairing it with the simplicity of everyday patterns (in his current works: the beauty of the wood grain) to make elegant works that are manifestation of passion and his life experiences.

Denis creates works that are melodic in nature. There is a sense of perfect tonality in colours, rhythmic in his painting gestures and a perfect harmony of artistic techniques that range from the conventional brush strokes to the modern technique of expressive texturing. Denis creates compositions that we, as observers, are able to grasp. And yet, as we continue to savour his seemingly simplistic narrative, we cannot help but wonder is there a deeper meaning to his works. His current set of maritime compositions is really a complex etude of remembrance; a passionate study into the conflicting nature of the old and new. Denis admits, with deep sincerity, of his love for his childhood rural home, and having been living in concrete and modernized urban home for many years now, Denis laments that he is slowly but surely losing the precious memories and images that he has for them. As he grows older, the images of a place that he once loved are slowly fading into oblivion. He is making a gallant attempt to capture these fading memories of a seafaring village and contrasting it with a modern twist of nature (wood grain - a symbolic representation of a rural village) to create a harmonious balance.

Works Category: Painting