Understanding Painting Techniques and Conditions: 
Basics in observing Paintings for conservation.
Art Talk by Jun Ogata
Head of Office & Director, Tokyo Conservation)

Organiser : Y2Arts Gallery
Supported by : SCCS
Date : 20 January 2019, Sunday
Time : 4 pm
Venue : Y2ARTS Gallery, 211 Henderson Road, #01-01A, Singapore 159552


Tan Suz Chiang

Painting “Building Relationship” is selected in【The 1st Universe Watercolour Exposition in Shanghai, China】
(Nov 2018)​

Tan Suz Chiang

Painting Relationship #2 winning the “ Bonnie and Harrison von Dukye Award of Transparent Watercolour” (Oct 2018)

We have moved!

211 Henderson Road
Singapore 259229
(22 July 2018)

Tan Suz Chiang

“Relationship” is selected into 78th Annual Open International of the Northwest Watercolor Society.

Tan Suz Chiang

Painting "Change" has won the 【Bil and Magda Peregrin Award 】in the The 50th International Juried Exhibition of Watercolor West 2018.
(Oct 2018)

Tan Suz Chiang interview

No Limits by Tan Suz Chiang at Y2ARTS (Nov 2016)


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