You Me in this Little World 世界只有你和我
Lu Yifei 吕一飞 solo exhibition
24 June – 18 July 2011

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Press Release

“…What is the use of book, without pictures or conversation?”

quotes from Alice in Wonderland

Y2ARTS is proud to present ‘You + Me in this Little World’, a mixed media exhibition by Lu Yifei (a talented Singapore-based Chinese artist) that opens into the vista of a parallel world – a world, to borrow from William Blake, of innocence and experience.

In this world populated by a boy and his playmates, Mr. Y and The Rabbit, Yifei, as artist and as omniscient creator, revisits the memorable sensations of childhood and youth, recalling days of happiness and moments of loneliness. Through it all, episodes of innocence and experience are narrated; they warm the heart of the adult with the wistful contentment of memory, never to be experienced directly but only through the rich pastures of imagination.

The common thread running through his works is Yifei’s childhood fantasy world and the used of unorthodox materials such as old books cover, self-made painted frames and wooden board. Yifei’s works try to relive the easiness and carefreeness of childhood and the narration of childhood has thus become a story.

Born in 1982 in Shandong Province, China, Lu Yifei graduated from LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore and currently resides in Singapore.  He shows immense talent and potential and has participated in several exhibitions in China and Singapore.


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