Jun Ogata 尾形 純 solo exhibition
15 – 25 September 2018

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Y2ARTS is marking its next journey in a new space at Henderson Road. Since art is no longer confined to simply hanging on a wall, the bigger gallery space, with its ultra-high ceiling, allows it to showcase larger artworks. The space is more than twice that of its previous location in Hill Street. With this new space, artists could have the freedom to create works with varying sizes and scope, and allowing art enthusiasts to enjoy a wider range of artworks that match international standards.

Y2ARTShas a strong inclination towards identifying and developing new creative art forms and artists. The gallery, having successfully collaborated and promoted emerging artists to their worldwide collectors, is pleased to announce an interesting collection of artworks by Minimalistic Artist Jun Ogata.This is hisfirst solo exhibition in Singapore.

Image de Fleur is methodically structured to reflect Ogata’s vision of transporting the viewers into the realm of minimalism and harmony. Creating invigorating works, Ogata brings us on a journey that is less actual but tactile and conceptual. His works displays ancient Japanese sensibility of divulging a convincing and refined relationship between the rigid sense of geometry and the freedom of association within the domains of memory and imagination. His astute process is a personal evolution in the realm of abstraction and minimalism, conveying both representational and abstract elements into an unfailing harmony.

Mirroring the concepts of famous minimalistic artists like Lee Ufan, Shinoda and Agnes Martin, and fusing with the essence of nature and the impressionistic floral art of the likes of Monet; Ogata adopts the means of abstract minimalism to affirm existence. This particular collection gives focus to the beauty of nature and the artist’s believe that “All things are in a state of Flux”– all things and events are constantly changing – a view that he truly values. In the artist’s own words: “My primary emphasis is on the colours. You can see the varied colours that changes with time and season in the garden.” Using colours, the artist is able to tease out the delicate sensibility of the seasons and its association with nature. The dialogue established by texture and his use of colours is captivating in his works, and it is a crucial part of his creations. With vague images of nature, the imaginative use of colours and textures; and seemingly simplistic gestures, Ogata brings us along the entire life-cycle of flowers and the seasons in Japan.

Another important factor is the way he uses the “beauty of blank space”. Ogata’s creations challenge us to imagine and be reflective in our outlook towards nature and life in general. It is the artist’s wish that we view his works with our hearts and be immersed in his calm and reflective world. The refined gestures in his works, coupled with uncommon restraint in visual art, create an emptiness that is paradoxically provocative and vivid to our senses. There is much spiritual and meditative depth that reverberates in his works than physical and visual depth of composition.     

Jun Ogata’s works has been exhibited worldwide and his most recent shows have been in London, Sweden, New York and Tokyo. A graduate of Musashino Art University, Wako University and a recipient of the MFA from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts, Jun Ogata has man accolade including the Excellence Prize at Musashino Art University, the Award of the Mayor of Kumamoto at the Kumamoto Biennale and the Encouragement Prize of Artex New York.



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