Bruno Spagnol solo exhibition
18 October – 3 November 2014

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Bruno Spagnol

Press Release

Y2ARTS is pleased to announce an exhibition of new artworks by Bruno Spagnol. This will be his first solo exhibition in Singapore.

Postminimalism art sought to expand the boundaries of abstraction and minimalism either through an aesthetic focus or conceptual reference point. Postminimalism is an artistic tendency, both experimental and symbolic; and it uses everyday objects, simple materials, and more often takes on a pure and formalist aesthetic. The works of Bruno Spagnol parallels that of postminimalist: it uses a fundamental material of Nature, “Sand”,  but it is hand-made and he painstakingly mimics the constant flow of nature and energy, which distinguishes it from the machine or custom-made works of minimalism. Bruno is introducing us into his aesthetic universe of expressive beauty.

Being a “Constant traveller”, Bruno’s vast travels around the globe has moulded his character and outlook in life; and his principles and values have been precipitated by his many interesting encounters.  Nature has also played an important factor in his life’s journey and has shaped his artistic views. It is in Mother Nature that Bruno discovered the fundamental material of Sand which has unified his aesthetic universe into powerful symbolic representations.

« Grains of Nature » is Bruno’s artistic vision of a marriage between Mother Earth’s two elements: Sands and Water, one is a symbol of foundation and structure, and another being an essential element of life and a symbol of purity. Those elements combined with Bruno’s signature “special effect”, transport us into his fantasy world that symbolizes the essence of life and the creative energy of Nature. Bruno invites us into a journey of abstraction that can be visualised in Mother Nature, such as the natural formation of the tree bark, the flow of the river current, and the constant motion of the waterfall.

Bruno puts all his creative energy into each artwork, and his hand gestures and strokes, just as in a dance, create emotions or the flow of energy. The moving particles of sand in his artworks merge, mimicking the flow of Nature, as if being carried by the currents of water or the wind blast. These various transformations bring to life all of Bruno’s works, and every work is a clever and fascinating architecture of life.

Bruno Spagnol was born in France in 1972. His sensitivity for arts comes from his mother, painter and arts teacher, with whom he starts his first works. He started working in France as a special needs worker and arrived in Sao Tomé and Principe in 1998 and soon chose to live there. His first individual art exhibition of pastels was held in Sao Tomé in 2002. In 2003, his passion for working with sand emerged. Since then, sands have been the most important component in his art. Through his play with texture and composition, he allows everyone the freedom to feel their inner world, and to remind us that life is beautiful in its mystery, relation to time and matter, sensuality, duality, symbols and modernity, as well as for its elements of spirituality and dream.Bruno presentlylives in Singapore.


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