“+ (86) 0102
10 Contemporary Artists Group Show
7 – 18 October 2009

Installation Shots


Press Release

To celebrate the opening of Y2ARTS showroom in MICA Building, Y2ARTS is pleased to present “+(86)0102”, a group exhibition introducing some of our finest contemporary artists.

“+(86)0102” is a group show exhibiting 10 China contemporary artists, the works of these artists are each unique in style, be it the painting technique or artistic expression. These works speak of different topics of which the artists are most concerned with, and the works reflect the different aspects of the artists’ thoughts which had drawn on their life experience and inner feelings. Their unique style and artistic expression seen in these works have also set them apart from their counterparts in other parts of Asia.

The artists featured in this group show include Bai Yao(白尧), Cao Xihui(曹锡辉), Chi Yiqi(池益岓), Feng Ye(冯野), Li Manjin(李满金), Liao Jianhua(廖建华), Liu Gang(刘刚), Zhang Lixin(张立新), Zheng Gen(郑根)and Zi Peng(訾鹏).


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