Ocean Wang believes that a painting can be both “impressionistic and fantastical”. Her works are often detailed, vividly coloured, and surreal; yet demands a sense of realism. Ocean’s artworks are her exploration of perception and incongruity, and through which she engages us in a dialogue with visuals of Impressionism and Surrealism. In her upcoming solo exhibition at Y2ARTS Gallery, Ocean presents new paintings, which are intimate, revealing and personal. Many of these new works explore the passage of time as seen through the reflections of flowing water; depicting personal memories and perspectives of the artist.

Ever since the creation of artworks in her first solo exhibition in 2015, Ocean has continued to confound viewers with her paintings, almost, as a rebellion against what is traditional and real. Her works which seemingly appears to be an impressionistic paintings of waterfalls, flowing rivers or simple water movements; are fuelled by surrealistic imagery and imagination. For Ocean, her collection of works is what she devises as new “reality”, playing with perspective and forced juxtapositions that reflects personal and intimate memories of the artist. Memories that include places that are dear to her, and people that, in the journey of her life, created a lasting impression.

The genesis for Ocean’ fascination with the concept of surrealism interwoven with impressionism can be traced to her childhood obsession with these artistic eras. Taking inspiration from Masters in these eras, she creatively develops an artistic imagery that is uniquely hers. Her approach to painting is also one of diversity, her subject matter is constantly varied but always fascinating. Comparing the body of work through the years; her tenacity is evident in her continuous use of innovative techniques and narratives. Her current works conveys her aspiration to convey movement and energy of water, as well as reflecting calmness in her various images. The power of Ocean’s paintings lies in the undercurrent images and her imagination more so than the surface image. There is never one focal point in her works, they present a distorted sense of reality, never revealing the full content and context of her images. It is her intention that the viewer, on first glance, relate to the work as though that is reality and final. But upon closer inspection, the viewer will be able to unravel talking points and create his own narratives within the many hidden images in her paintings.



1972 Born in Beijing, China

1997 Graduated from the Ceramic Art and design Department of The Central Academy of Art and Design, Beijing, China

2001 Further studies Master Degree of Art, Museum and Exhibition design (Distinction), from the University of Lincoln, UK.


Solo Exhibition

2015 “Melting Point”, Y2ARTS Gallery, Singapore

2018 “Invisible Permanence”, Y2ARTS Gallery, Singapore