Founded during the era when Singapore was starting its foothold as an artistic force in Fine Arts, Y2ARTS Gallery offered a non-discriminatory space for innovative artists to present their artistic view and creations to the world. Since 2008, under the directorship of Ken Chang, Y2ARTS has expanded on this vision, refined its focus, and introduced numerous pivotal curatorial initiatives and partnerships. During the period in the late 2000’s which saw the emergence of many new and young local collectors, Y2ARTS promoted a global outlook to this group, as well as initiating enticing visuals to excite season collectors. This approach has dovetailed with an incisive three-tiered focus: working with local artists, both established and emerging; artists that are willing to challenge the norms with new and independent production and thinking; and international artists who engage the observers with their own unique dialogue of heritage and culture. This has profoundly stimulated the tastes and sophistication of art collectors, and over this decade, the gallery is proud to serve numerous collectors from around the globe.   

Y2ARTS gallery is housed at a large space that not only serves as a great avenue to display their brilliant collections of works, but also provides a perfect curatorial platform for experimentation and exhibition-opportunity that aims at containing an aesthetic of change and disruption; such as interspersing art exhibitions with human technology and scientific installations.

Y2ARTS has represented artists who have defined the landscape of contemporary art, such as Wang Yi Gang, Zi Peng, Tan Suz Chiang, etc.; while at the same time mentored younger and less-established artists. The development of artists’ careers is also a crucial component of the gallery’s mission. 


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